Cultural Management

Here you can find all activitis that I am the organicer.

Since young, I always showed great interest in collaborating in the organization of cultural events.

From this youthful interest, the facet of organizing courses and concerts appears whose aim is to increase the general knowledge of musical culture and, in a more detailed way, of the brass instruments.
This I have done since various platforms:

The first is from the board of the Cultural Association Musical "Jesus López Cobos" from Toro, in Zamora, my hometown and the place where I began my musical studies.
From this association we have promoted the organization of concerts and workshops with the most prestigious low metal musicians in Europe. These are the tuba player Jens Bjørn-Larsen, a professor at HMT Hannover, Germany, and Stefan Schulz, Bass trombone, professor at the University of Arts in Berlin and a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the same city.

The second was developed form my position as professor of tuba Gijón Conservatory, working with Alfonso Molla, professor of tuba ant the Superior Conservatory of Asturias. these masterclass have as objective the the tuba students, both from Asturias as other regions, could pervade with the new technical, interpretative and pedagogical currents in our instrument.

This, tuba players such as Mel Culbertson, Arnaud Bouquitiney or Michel Godard have visited us in Gijón.
I have also helped organize the International Music Course of Mondoñedo, and the permanent Seminar of tuba and euphonium in Pontevedra.

The events organized are as follows:


- Concert with the group of trombons, tubas and drums "The Sir Alligators Company" in Toro.

- I Tuba Masterclass with Jesn Bjørn-Larsen in Toro.


- Concert of the "Contrapunto" Choir form Salamanca, in Toro.

- Tribute to the Director Jesús López Cobos whit the Castilla y León  Young Symphony Orquestra. Toro.

- II Tuba Masterclass with Jens Bjørn-Larsen

- I Trombone Masterclass with Stefan Schulz in Toro.

- Two Tuba Masterclass whit Mell Culbertson in Gijón. February and November, in Gijón


- Tuba masterclass with Mel Culbertson in Gijón.

- II trombone Masterclass with Stefan Schulz, in Toro.

- Concert of "Hercules Brass Quintet", in Toro.

- Course of tuba with Arnaud Boukitine, in Gijón.


- Tuba Masterclass with Michel Godard in Gijón.

- Concert of Zarzuela with the Orquestra and Choir of King Juan Carlos University of Madrid in Toro.

- III trombone masterclass with Stefan Schulz in Zamora.

- Concert of the Tuba Ensemble "Keep in touch Tuba Project" and Michel Godard as soloist in Pontevedra.

- Concert of "Brass Style" brass quintet in Toro.

- Concert of baritone Luis Santana  and pianist Juan A. Álvarez Parejo  in Toro.

- Organization of tuba and euphonium masterclass in Gijón, with Miguel Vallés Manzano, principal tuba of Music Windband of Valencia. Days 1th, 2th, 3th and 4th november. More info HERE.


- Tuba Masterclass with József Bazsinka, Tuba player from Hungary. Days from 25th to 28th april in Gijón.


- Tuba and Serpent Masterclar with Michel Godard from  January 30th to february 2nd

- Trombone Masterclass with Stefan Schulz, Bass trombone fo Berliner Phill, in Gijon Conservatory of Music, from 16th to  18th March