Here you will find information about my teaching activities.

I began my teaching activity in music schools of Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid) and The Bañeza (León), but it was 2007 when I intensified this activity in the Conservatory of Music in Gijón From then on, I took the decision to develop my teaching skills at the highest level. To this end I have done, and continue doing it, dozens of courses with the most prestigious tuba teachers and metals, both from Europe and the United States. So I have been taught by Mel Culbertson, Stefan Schulz, Arnaud Boukitine, Jens Bjørn-Larsen, Perry Oogendijk, Rex Martin and Jose Manuel Redondo among others, although the teacher who most influenced my work as a teacher has been Alfonso Molla Castells, professor of tuba at the Conservatory of Music of Asturias. 

As a professor of tuba in Gijon Conservatory, I am making an intensive task, based on the commitment with the students and the development of new pedagogical tools that allow students to acquire the skills necessary to be good tuba players, but especially be good musicians.

Therefore, in 2008 I decided to create the Tuba Ensemble of the Gijón Conservatory, which provides, from the youngest age, the opportunity to work in groups, doing exercises to strengthen the technical and interpret works adapted to the required level.

Since my arrival at Gijon Conservatory of Music, the number of students has increased by 120%.

Development of students number:

207-08: 5

2008-09: 4

2009-10: 8

2010-11: 11

2011-12: 13
2012-13: 10

2013-14: 19

2014-15: 18

2015-16: 19

2016-17: 16