Infomation about my courses and masterclass.

Teaching courses, master classes and workshops of tuba, euphonium and brass is something that motivates me a lot. This is due to its dynamism, each courses is different, the students are not the same and their level, places, people that organize, in short, each is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

For me, the most important thing is to try to meet the following premise: Put technique in the service of music. From the earliest years of working with the instrument until the more advanced courses, it is very important to master technical aspects that allow us to deal with the different musical challenges that arise in our careers. For this I give great importance to do the basic technique in team, and what my courses are bases in.In recent years I have taught the following courses for tuba and euphonium.


2010 and 2011
: Technique and interpretation course for brass instruments in Zamora.


- July: Masterclass for brass instruments in Verdicambrense Wind Band, in Portugal

- August: Masterclass for Tuba and Euphonium in Zamora.


- 4th to 11th august: Masterclass for Tuba an Euphonium in Zamora.

- 14th december: Masterclass in Caldas de Reis Windband of Music, Pontevedra.

- 28th december: Masterclass in Sanganxa Music Store en Llanera de Ranes, Valencia.


- 29th March: Brass Masterclass in the Music Wind Band of Rábade (Lugo)

- 24th may: Brass Masterclass in the Unión Musical of El Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia)


- 3nd jaunary: Tuba and Euphonium Masterclass in Sanganxa Music Store (Valencia)

- 17th January: Brass Masterclass in the Wind Band of Pola de Laviana (Asturias)

- From 18th to 26th of July: Tuba and Euphonium teacher in Intregral Course of Music in Soria (Castilla y León)


- From 24th to 31th of July: Tuba and Euphonium teacher in  Festival Música Junior en Montalegre (Porgual)

- From 31th July to  Agust 7nd: Tuba and Euphonium Teacher in 26th Music Course of Zamora (Spain)

- 1th October: Warm up in Tuba Jaialdia (Tuba day) at Azpeitia.